Can be different

March 2023


Define and amplify the strategic position of CanBeDifferent as a leader in CBD products, aimed at improving the physical and mental performance of athletes.

This Spanish company, dedicated to offering a range of CBD-derived products that seek to improve the physical and mental performance of its customers and thus promote comprehensive and sustainable well-being, trusted Salago to create a new identity that would allow it to revitalize its position in the market, reflecting its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of wellness and sports.

Strategy | Raising physical and mental potential

After having been well accepted in the market, CanBeDifferent identified the need to renew its visual identity and define a new brand strategy with the objective of improving its positioning. Thus, we identify sport as the natural context in which the brand was born, an environment where recovery and performance are fundamental, allowing the athlete to achieve their maximum potential. In this way, the strategy focused on the purpose of breaking performance barriers, improving the user's well-being and elevating their physical and mental potential through unique formulations that combine science and nature.

Solution | A different style

The new visual identity of CanBeDifferent seeks the perfect balance between the sobriety typical of pharmaceutical products and the active and dynamic nature of the world of sports. The typography used in the construction of the logo, which combines a thick layout with characteristic shapes, brings presence and personality to the graphic brand, and aligns it with some of its values, such as closeness and nature. For their part, the colors that make up the color palette are inspired by the brand's ideals of science and nature and serve to identify the different packaging of the brand's products, which have been designed as part of the project.

Review | Noelia Arce. Director of Marketing

“CanBeDifferent has been transformed thanks to an exceptional design and branding company. Its distinctive and elegant style perfectly reflects our approach and our passion for well-being and performance. The attention to detail, personalized approach and understanding of our needs resulted in a brand identity that we are proud to carry forward. Without a doubt, we would repeat this experience.”





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