December 2022


To sensitize the working population to the right to digital disconnection and promote compliance with business obligations in this area.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (INSST) is a Spanish public body whose purpose is to study safety and health conditions at work and to support their improvement to achieve a reduction in occupational risks. Salago was entrusted with the mission of producing an audiovisual piece, as well as different printed pieces, in order to promote the right to digital disconnection and raise awareness of compliance with its regulations.

Strategy | Do your part, Disconnect!

As part of one of the priority lines in terms of safety and health at work, the INSST needed a series of informative materials to promote and raise awareness about the right to digital disconnection. After considering different options, such as shooting or 3D design, we finally decided to create an audiovisual piece based on the 2D motion graphics technique that would show everyday situations affected by hyperconnectivity to work, so that any spectator can identify with them. Thus, we propose a series of scenes from a closed frame, showing only those elements necessary for the development of the action.

Solution | The New Goal of Digital Disconnection

Our team addressed all phases of the design process, from the conceptualization of the video, the development of the script or the illustration work to the animation of the scenes and their subsequent soundproofing. To represent the different scenes, we use a flat or minimalist illustration style, making use of isometric perspective to be able to do so with greater depth. In addition, we designed a color palette using only two colors; blue, the entity's corporate, and its complementary color, orange. Finally, we developed a series of posters as part of the digital disconnection campaign based on fragments of different scenes in the video, using a common message for all of them as a claim.

Impact | Transforming Work Culture

The collaboration between Salago and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has been a significant milestone in promoting the importance of digital disconnection in the workplace. With the creation of an audiovisual piece, we managed to provide this entity with the necessary dissemination material to fulfill its objective of raising awareness of the importance of regulatory compliance by companies. In addition to meeting its objective, this project manages to stand out from the usual models in this sector, capturing the attention of spectators thanks to its fresh and innovative style. At the same time, it has set a new standard in communicating critical occupational health issues, making it easier for the INSST to promote significant changes in work culture and promote a healthy work-life balance.





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