April 2023


In a fast-paced world, where everyone invites you to leave your comfort zone, Kaiteki encourages you to stay in it and take a break.

Kaiteki was born in the heart of the city of Madrid as a new proposal for a healthy and sustainable cafeteria and brunch. A space based on community and the union of the city's creative people through food and in which you can feel at home. A place that isn't just about coffee and food, it's also about experiences, it's about you.

Strategy | Connections through Comfort

The idea of creating a brand that will connect emotionally with the consumer stems from the need to have a positive impact and a good positioning. In this case, we base the design strategy on the name of the entity itself. The word kaiteki, of Japanese origin, is translated as comfort or convenience, so we decided to use this term as the central axis of the entire creative process. The idea from which to develop this strategy was to invite the public to remain in their comfort zone even when everyone insists on leaving it; in a place where they could be themselves regardless of their mood.

Solution | Redefining the Visual Experience

We designed a minimalist, clean and timeless logo, with the brand's name written in lowercase letters, and we made some optical adjustments to the typography to achieve greater visual balance and a more compact logo. The color palette, on the other hand, responds to the youthful and calm character of the brand, through bright colors such as green, blue, yellow or magenta. As part of the visual universe, we designed a series of emojis that represent different moods and that aim to connect with the idea of freedom proposed by the brand. Finally, we developed the brand's verbal identity, through a series of short messages with an optimistic and close tone.

Impact | An Emotional Footprint

The work done for Kaiteki marked a before and after in her career. The identity created, which captures the essence of the brand and is based on its values of sustainability, closeness and freedom, not only attracted public attention, but also created a unique environment for the city's young people in which experiences are focused on human connection; all this in a context in which coffee and food were the protagonists. In addition, the project also helped to expand Kaiteki's business model, thus becoming a benchmark in its sector.


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