North Organics

January 2023


Did you know that some nutrients can alter the genetic expression of your immune cells? We present the project for Norte Organics, an innovative company dedicated to advanced immunonutrition, offering natural products such as vitamins and magnesium, aimed at improving the general health and immune system of its consumers.

Strategy | Health and Authenticity

Aware of the growing interest in organic and natural products to improve health, we focus on highlighting the authenticity and purity of Norte Organics products. Our strategy was based on effectively communicating the unique benefits of their vitamins and magnesium supplements, highlighting their ability to strengthen the immune system and promote general well-being. We sought to connect with an audience that is aware of their health, interested in organic and natural products, and eager for solutions that offer real and tangible benefits for their health.

Solution | Visual Duality

Our creative approach focused on capturing the dual essence of their products: their organic nature and their scientific efficacy. We designed a logo that symbolizes this duality, incorporating a leaf to represent the organic and DNA elements to reflect advanced immunonutrition. The vertical and horizontal lines, representing the cardinal points, emphasize the brand's breadth and global reach. The chosen color palette, with green and orange tones, not only highlights the organic nature and scientific rigor of the products, but also provides a sense of seriousness and quality, aligned with pharmacy products. This approach to design was extended to packaging, where each color identifies a specific product, reinforcing the brand's identity and clarity. In addition, we made an explanatory video in 3D and motion graphics for Norte Organics social networks, highlighting current health problems in society and presenting its products as effective solutions, thus supporting the strategy of effectively communicating the mission and values of the brand.

Impact | Forging a Healthy Future

With the fusion of science and nature in its branding and packaging, we anticipate a significant change in how consumers perceive and choose products for their health. We are convinced that Norte Organics will not only appeal to those looking for healthier and more organic options, but will also educate the market about the importance and efficacy of immunonutrition. We hope that this collaboration will promote greater awareness of preventive health and promote a movement toward organic and natural well-being. The impact of Norte Organics extends beyond its products; it represents a paradigm shift in personal care and global health.


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