May 2023


In the paradise of Ibiza, a technological innovation has emerged aimed at revolutionizing the tourist experience: The Concierge. This pioneering application, designed specifically for the island, introduces a unique digital concierge concept.

La Concierge's challenge lies in its ambition to be more than just a booking application. This digital tool seeks to be an indispensable companion for travelers, allowing them to design their perfect Ibiza itinerary with ease and style. From reservations at trendy restaurants, to yacht rentals, to access to exclusive beach clubs, La Concierge promises an unparalleled vacation experience right at your fingertips.

Strategy | Connecting Luxury and Exclusivity

The design strategy focused on reflecting and redefining the essence of Ibiza's hospitality, based on the elite service offered by the figure of a concierge, with the objective of positioning the brand as an essential tool for exploring the island. The strategy focused on creating a deeper connection with users, projecting an image of comfort, luxury and exclusivity, and at the same time, offering an intuitive and pleasant user experience that reflected the vibrant and dynamic spirit of Ibiza.

Solution | The New Image

Salago was responsible for carrying out a rebranding, creating a visual identity that evoked warmth and proximity, key elements in the experience of a real concierge. This approach materialized in the choice of typography and graphic elements, capturing the spirit of Ibiza and its sophisticated simplicity. This close aspect was accentuated by the alteration of some characters of the logo, giving them that curved and organic character. An interface design was developed to facilitate intuitive interaction, reflecting a balance between luxury and accessibility. In addition, collateral content was created for social networks and a reel to present the renewed image of La Concierge, highlighting its unique features and benefits and positioning it as the definitive guide to enjoying Ibiza.

Impact | Dayane Galvis CEO & Founder

“This project was not only a step forward in the service applications sector, but it also provided La Concierge with a unified visual identity and communication that correctly convey its values and purpose as a brand. Working with Salago has been a brutal change for La Concierge. His team understood our vision and transformed it into a reality. Now, with a unified visual identity and interface, our message is communicated clearly and effectively. Salago really captured the essence of our brand!”





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