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Walking into the room and having everyone's eyes on you. That's what we'll do with your brand in the market.



You've felt it, right? When you walk into a room and everyone looks at you. You're the center of attention, all eyes on you. Do you want your brand to leave users speechless as soon as it enters the market?
Count on us.
Grabbing the attention of your potential customers is crucial. Conveying all the value your brand holds, what you are, what you make people feel, is next level. Creativity is essential, but it's achieved through impeccable branding strategy.


Creative advertising is still advertising, but today it needs to be taken to another level. Similarly, creative writing is essential to reach where no one has reached before. If we mix it all together, we'll achieve a unique message that will linger in the memory of everyone who knows you. Our creativity isn't just reflected in creative advertising; your brand needs fresh air at all levels.

en Madrid

There are many creative agencies in Madrid, but there's only one Salago. We create brands that are known and felt, messages that are understood and linger in the memory of users. We tell what you do, what you sell, what you are in an original and coherent way with you and your goals. Creative design, creative copywriting, creative writing, creative advertising... our team breathes creativity. Were you looking for a creative agency in Madrid? You've found it.


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Ana Gómez
A serious and very professional team, we commission our corporate image and our website to them. We are very satisfied. We will continue to work with Salago on new projects.
Ana C.
Marketing Analyticalways
I have known the Salago team for several years and the collaboration with them is very good because they adapt very quickly and efficiently to any project brief. They have produced all the testimonial videos of Analyticalways clients; the corporate ones, and other more technical ones with motion graphics. And my opinion as a client is that they uniquely control the needs of each job, making the result outstanding.
Eva Caño Jiménez
Marketing Director Stulz
Professionalism, service, sector and brand study adapted with great creativity! Very good work done, we will not hesitate to count on Salago again as soon as another project emerges
Álava Group
Our experience with Cristian and the rest of the team at Salago has been great. They have a very controlled process, they have been able to perfectly understand our needs for both projects and the result exceeded our expectations. Without a doubt, a partner we will continue to count on.
Alejandro Tristán
Álava Group
The experiences we have had working with Salago have been unbeatable. Able to provide a solution to every problem that arises throughout the project, we are very satisfied with the final result of the videos they have presented to us. From Grupo Álava we have already worked with them several times and will continue to do so!
Beatriz Márquez Heredia
Devs DNA
They are much more than a design studio. Behind them are excellent human beings. They took care of all the branding of my company, they have an exquisite detail. The platform they use to communicate and see the steps of the project is very good. Quality is their work and professionalism. They were right and even pleasantly surprised us. We are so happy, that without hesitation in the next projects where we need a design studio we turn to them.
Juan Beneitez
Marketing Manager | Biomemakers
I have worked with Salago to make a corporate video and the truth is that they are an incredible company. Always ready to make the customer feel at ease and giving ideas to improve the final result. I would recommend it to any company that wants to achieve an excellent result in its projects.
María Eugenia Cabrera
Marketing | Hutchinson
We contacted Salago because of the attractiveness of the promotional videos published on its social networks. We were trying to draw attention to some pieces that, despite their high engineering and technological content, do not look too captivating. Thanks to the enormous work of the Salago team, we have managed to attract attention to our product without losing sight of the technical advantages. In addition to this, we had an almost impossible schedule and managed to deliver on time. Totally recommended!!!!
Alicia Perez
Marketing | Agrovin
This was the first time we worked together, it was super easy, due to their involvement, transparency and experience. It was not an easy subject, but the work was done successfully and on time. Thank you very much Salago!!


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